About TCT


Third Culture Travel was created by Phillip Young who has grown up as a Third Culture Kid, before returning overseas for five years as an adult. Phillip grew up in Saudi Arabia, Norway, and Japan, the son of International School teachers.


Phillip in Chennai India in 1996.

After returning to the Bay Area in California for college, Phillip returned overseas to become a Second Generation International School teacher in 2012, living in Saudi Arabia and Shanghai, China. He currently has repatriated to San Diego with his wife as they recently welcomed their first child into the world.

Phillip remembers the days in the 1990s when at the check-in counter, each airline had inventory booklets that had listings of every flight they operate, where, and when. Before the days of massive entertainment systems on planes, Phillip remembers opening the in flight magazine and studying the World Map to see where that particular airline had flight routes. While traveling his family used handy city guides and made their own schedule, routinely staying away from massive group tours, a DIY travel before its time. At the conclusion of each trip during school holidays, his parents would develop the role of photography and pick one or two pictures to enlarge and frame to display on the “travel wall” in their home. Looking back as an adult now there are memories all over his parents’ house.

By traveling most of his life Phillip now wants to help those who do the same thing. He has created Third Culture Travel to support expats abroad and those in North America that have the itch to travel and experience something new. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or someone who can not make time to search, there is a Third Culture Travel service for you. If you have any tips or want to connect with Phillip, please contact him at: info.thirdculturetravel@gmail.com.


Phillip and wife after completing a hike to Lake Marian, South Island, New Zealand.


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