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Customized Booking Options for You

Many expats know how to book holidays, but why not have someone send the three best booking options for you to compare, than book? Let us know what preferences in dates, locations, airlines alliance and more and we will send you the best three options, so you they are there at your fingertips to than book.


We will send direct to your inbox deals from your expat city. These will included tips on when to book the lowest price, and help you search for deals around school break times.

Travel Guides

There are many variations of travel guides. Ours e-books can be downloaded directly within seconds, on any device and are focused on local airport to city travel options, affordable neighborhoods and accommodations around attractions, and Food recommendations in the city.

Travel Tips

Finding the Price Range

Many experienced travelers have that list of places t

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10 Ways to Save on Bookings

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1.  Search and book on Tuesdays or Wednesdays: Did y

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